“Words can change the world – and create entirely new ones.” – Jenny Gates

all about words

Jenny has been writing stories, songs, poems and articles since age 10. She is currently putting together a collection of all her writing, and working on several plays and a screenplay.

She is a co-author of three scientific catalogues, and actively pursuing playwriting, scriptwriting, and other literary projects.

She has also written a number of songs that form part of the repertoire of Up From Down Under.

on the shelf
Jenny writes both fiction and non-fiction books and short stories. She is currently working on several novels for adults and children, and her upcoming book (to be launched in 2019) represents a collection of all her writings. She is also the co-author of several scientific catalogues, and the ghostwriter for “Crushed Ice – In pursuit of a Canadian Professional Hockey League”.
on the stage
An emerging playwright, Jenny has written two short shots – “Busted” was staged in November 2016, and “Laid to Rest” – and one full-length play – “The Last Resort” – which explore the lives and circumstances of seniors. She is currently developing a series of plays along similar lines, and has other plays in the works that are drawn from her personal and professional experiences. A proficient speaker, Jenny is inspired by the lives and stories of others, as well as her own observations, experiences and ideas. A talented musician, Jenny played in various bands and piano bars down under, has written several songs, and is half of music duo Up From Down Under with Winnipeg didgeridoo player Gerry Gordon.
on the screen
Jenny is trying her hand at scriptwriting with the adaptation of a fiction novel for the big screen. As well, she is writing a short film based on one of her personal experiences.


Jenny has an eclectic and varied career with the spoken and written word. In Australia, she co-authored several scientific catalogues and wrote stories and articles. In Canada, she worked as an editor, writer and researcher at Intergroup Consultants in Winnipeg, and was editor of several newsletters that focused on a variety of interests – nature, outdoor activities, teen newcomers, and a community club.

Jenny’s substantive and developmental editing skills have opened the door to opportunities to write for stage and screen. Speeches, plays and screenplays are her vehicles of choice for sharing stories about the human condition, the worlds in which we live, and the challenges of everyday life.

For more information about her many writing projects, contact Jenny today.

Wordsmith and keen promoter, with thanks for brilliant editing.
Bill Leiss

Author, Hera or Empathy, The Priesthood of Science

Having Jenny edit my manuscript was like getting a masterclass in writing. She has such an ability to translate the narrative into a visual.
Lois Henderson