“Why build walls when you can build bridges.” – Jenny Gates

jenny gates

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Conversations About Ordinary Things

A lighthearted look at ourselves and the way we live, work and play


Take a different look at your every day by engaging in some lighthearted conversations about ordinary things. Tap into the expert within and reconnect inside and out by building bridges within and with each other.

International speaker and storyteller Jenny Gates shares her personal and professional experiences, observations and ideas in a series of conversations designed to lighten your way and shift your thinking. Each conversation is a story based on Jenny’s belief that it’s never too late – to change, to build, to play, to teach, to see, to be, and to choose differently.

All Jenny’s conversations are designed for corporate clients, professional organisations, educational institutions, and freelance groups and individuals.

Long conversations are lighter fare for your next conference, convention, convocation, community event, and meeting. Short conversations are opportunities to fill a spot on your schedule, brighten up a business meeting, bridge between conference presenters, and inspire your audience in more ways than one.

If you want practical, meaningful content from a high-energy talent who knows that sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of perspective, then have a conversation with Jenny today.


In her previous life as a technical speaker, Jenny presented to the Editors’ Association of Canada, Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Editors’ Association, United Way, Ducks Unlimited, and Toastmasters International. She competes in speech contests in Canada and the United States, and has worked as an emcee, facilitator, host and storyteller.

Jenny is currently the Media and Communications contact for the Down Under Club of Winnipeg, and has worked in media for a variety of local groups.

beyond words

Building bridges within and with each other is both a philosophy that underlies Jenny’s many pursuits, and her commitment to giving back to the community. All her conversations look at the way we live, work and play, and are inspired by the people – and the animals – that live in our community and our lives. Staying connected to and being part of our community involves reaching out and supporting those who could use our help.

A percentage of the fee paid to Jenny to speak to your organisation, school, business or community group will be donated to a local endeavour or charitable organisation. Event participants can decide a destination for the donation, or Jenny will suggest some that are near and dear to her heart.

The donation will either be financial or the equivalent in required items.

Contact Jenny for more information.

After the opening lines of her story, the listeners were completely engaged. The images she painted with her words elicited laughter, empathy, and our own self-reflection. … Jenny seemed to know intuitively what her audience needed and delivered an inspiring performance.

Tricia Friesen Reed

Coordinator, Wonderscape

Outstanding! Crisp, highly professional, entertaining. Great energy and sense of humour.

Conference participant

Editors Canada

A brilliant storyteller.

Joanne McDowall

ASAP Toastmasters