Thank you, whoever you are, for accidentally leaving this SMÄCKER tray in your shopping cart at IKEA over the weekend. Of course, I presume it was an accident. I mean who, would want to leave such an excellent item alone in a cart. I waited to see if you came back, but eventually decided to at least make sure it went to a good home.

And I am happy to say that your $0.99 loss is my easy-access office desk drawer’s gain. Not only is it the most perfect fit, but it also inspired a complete declutter and reorganisation of what had previously been considered a total disaster.

I’m sorry you’ll have to go back to get another one for whatever purpose you intended, but this was a bonus find for me after the amazing purchase I made in the store.

Because I have a standing desk – unfortunately not an adjustable one – I’ve been looking for an adjustable stool for those moments I need to take a load off. As a writer and book editor, I love to stand at my desk so I can act out whatever I’m writing and editing. And with all the online meetings these days that require one to stand for hours on end, well, sometimes one simply needs to sit.

So, I’m trying out this black NILSERIK standing support – a.k.a. adjustable stool – which seems rather space-agey, compact and comfortable – a vast improvement on the small, static, hard plastic “bench” I’ve been using for far too long.

Three other things about the stool made me even happier:

  • no Allen key was required to put it together – pretty sure that’s a first for me
  • apparently I have 365 days to change my mind – that should give me plenty of time
  • the care instructions come in 36 languages, and although I can only read one, that still made me smile.

But I digress. Your loss led to my small find that has resulted in much happiness in my office this morning to complement the excellent new stool I’ll be trying out for the next 365 days. I know that was likely not your intention when you left the tray in your cart, but thank you anyway.

May your return to IKEA be as fortunate as mine – and may you remember to check your cart before carelessly abandoning it in the middle of the car park.