Winnie the Bear

M. A. Appleby, 2011. Hard cover, ISBN 9780987821201.

A moving biography of the life of Winnie the bear, from her adoption in 1914 by Lieutenant Harry Colebourn, to her inspirational role in the creation of one of the most-loved characters in literature.

This book won a Gold Medal for Canadian West Non-Fiction in the 2012 Independent Book Publishers Awards.

Jenny’s deft editorial touch is the reason my book, ‘Winnie the Bear’, has been and continues to be a best seller. She is a brilliant editor who worked closely with me to ensure that the story I wanted to tell was the one she meticulously smoothed and perfected. She consulted with the book formatter and her eagle eye did not miss a thing. As an independent publisher I came to rely on Jenny’s knowledge. She is a great editor and consultant for the entire publishing process.

M. A. Appleby

Author, Winnie the Bear