manuscript evaluation

What is involved in a manuscript evaluation?

Before taking on the editing of any manuscript, Jenny evaluates a sample of the manuscript in order to gain a clear understanding of the type of edit required, to make sure she is the right editor for your work, and to provide you with feedback in a number of areas.

A manuscript evaluation considers:

  • content – i.e., characterization, dialogue, setting
  • story – i.e., flow, readability, believability
  • writing – i.e., grammar, spelling, sentence structure, language
  • audience – i.e., clearly defined, accessible
  • identifies any issues in the manuscript
  • addresses any questions you have.

A manuscript evaluation involves one or more of the following, depending on the size of the manuscript and what you are looking for:

  1. an initial read of up to 10 pages – this will allow Jenny to determine if she is the right editor to evaluate your manuscript. You will receive an email that outlines general observations made during the read, and suggestions for moving forward. This is a free service
  2. a detailed written evaluation of up to 10 pages – this will give you a sense of the specific edits and changes Jenny would make, and any issues she has with the pages she read. You will receive a marked-up copy of your manuscript in Word (Track Changes mode) with edits, proposed changes, areas of concern, comments, questions and explanations. You will also get an estimate of how much time and money a complete evaluation and/or edit will likely take – flat rate of $300 + GST
  3. a complete read and overall evaluation of the entire manuscript – occasionally, an author requests this service to get a detailed understanding of the status of their manuscript, as a final review before sending it to a publisher, or as the final step before self-publishing. This is not the same as a substantive edit, but a review from an independent professional – charged by the hour + GST

Before Jenny can take on your manuscript, she needs to know:

  • what your manuscript is about (synopsis, overview, outline)
  • what genre it falls into
  • how long it is (word count)
  • what your goals are for your manuscript
  • whether you intend to publish yourself or through a publishing house
  • what exactly you want Jenny to do
  • when you want Jenny to start
  • when you want or need it done

To receive PDFs that address common questions about substantive editing, use the editing contact form.