I first spied Sophie when she was standing alone in a snow drift on a front lawn in our neighbourhood. It was early in the morning and I was walking down the street, enjoying the winter weather.

She caught my eye with her elegant stance and gentle colouring, and although I didn’t know who she was, I snapped a photo.

When I posted the photo online, friends with and without children immediately responded.

“That’s a magical looking giraffe.” [Corinne]

“Giraffes in Canada… who knew.” [Janet]

“It’s Sophie the Giraffe Teether. She is famous.” [Karen]

“Definitely Sophie!!” [Kate]

Given those enthusiastic comments, I thought for sure the owner or someone who recognised Sophie would find her and take her home to a child who would love her.

About ten days later, I was driving down that same street. A lot more snow had fallen and I was certain Sophie would either be gone or covered. Still, I was curious and got out of the car to look for her.

To my complete surprise, she was standing right where I first saw her. And in the bright light of day, I swear she was smiling at me.

So I took Sophie home, where she seems to be very happy with some new friends who love her.