“The most important thing between author and editor is trust.” – Jenny Gates

Jenny works primarily with independent and self-publishing authors to take their manuscripts from woe to go.

Experienced as a substantive book editorstructure, style and story – in both fiction and non-fiction, she can work on your manuscript at any stage of the writing process. She also speaks about editing and publishing, and is working on several plays and screenplays.

A freelance editor for 24 years, a scientific author/editor for 13 years, and a creative writer for 48 years, Jenny brings a wealth of knowledge, a diverse perspective, and a deep passion to your story.

If you want an editor who will dig deep and work with you to tell the best story possible, then contact Jenny today.

“I’ve written a book. Now what?”

Congratulations! Now, let’s take a look at your next step. Basically, you have three choices:

  • You can put the manuscript on the shelf and leave it there – which would be a shame after all your hard work. If it’s important enough for you to write, it’s important enough for someone to read. And for that to happen, you need to publish it, one way or another.
  • You can find a publisher to publish your book for you – you will need to identify publishers who are interested in the type of book you’ve written, and who are accepting submissions for consideration. You will have to send them query letters to gauge their interest and then wait for a response. I can give you some advice in that area, but I do not pursue publishers on your behalf.
  • You can publish it yourself – most of my authors have self-published, and I can tell you it’s a lot more straightforward, doable and satisfying than you might think.

Whatever you decide, it’s important to have your manuscript evaluated and edited. Publishers will want to see a clean copy and a strong story, and no one wants to read a self-published book full of errors. While not everyone gets their work evaluated or edited before they publish, it is strongly recommended if you want to make sure you are telling the best story possible.

And that is exactly what I can do for you.

other questions?

Contact Jenny for PDFs that address the following questions:

  1. What is a substantive edit?
  2. Does my manuscript need a substantive edit?
  3. How does a substantive edit work?
  4. How much does a substantive edit cost?
work in progress

Substantive edit of a fiction manuscript.



Jenny has edited 25 complete manuscripts, 22 of which have been published (4 fiction and 18 non-fiction), and evaluated and reviewed countless manuscripts for authors.

She has a Book Editing Diploma with Distinction from Macleay College, Australia, and worked at The Australian Museum as editor of scientific publications (7 years) and co-author and editor of scientific catalogues (6 years). In Canada, she has worked as an editor, writer and researcher in various capacities.

privacy information

“In lieu of a more formal document, suffice to say your manuscript is safe with me. The fee I charge is honest and fair and based on my experience as a general editor and a book editor. I won’t talk about your manuscript or share it around or claim any of it for myself. I will respect your voice as the author, be honest about the changes that need to be made, and approach your work in a completely professional and timely manner. All manuscript copies will either be returned to you or shredded upon completion of the work.” – Jenny Gates 2020

Jenny’s deft editorial touch is the reason my book … has been and continues to be a best seller. She is a great editor and consultant for the entire publishing process.
Mary Anne Appleby

Author, Winnie the Bear

I’m so glad my stories got us together and so thankful you helped turn them into this book! To a terrific story editor.

Author, Breaking News! Kids Opinions Count

Not only were you interested in the project as an editor, but to my delight the story captured your imagination and it became a truly collaborative effort to produce a well-honed book.
Mary Neufeld

Author, A Prairie Pilgrim: Wilhelm H. Falk