One of many creative writing spots that will be used in the next six months.

Actually, it began 10 days ago, but it took a bit of time to get my mind around the fact I am taking the rest of the year off.

Not from any book editing that comes my way, but from a whole bunch of other things so I can focus on writing. Plays, screenplays, speeches, stories, songs, books and poetry – although a maybe on that last one. I have so many projects on the verge of completion, partly done, in the early stages, and waiting to get going, and I feel the pull to give them all my time and attention.

I tried this once before, but made the mistake of calling it something – a sabbatical. Unfortunately, the “sabbatical” created a false sense of availability that distracted me from the real goal of that year, which was to write and speak. Instead, it filled up pretty quickly with a whole bunch of volunteer commitments and extraneous events and activities, was accidentally extended to 18 months, and nothing much at all was achieved – at least, nothing longstanding.

This time, it’s just that – time. Time to write, time to create, time to finish, time to share, time to inspire, time to do … a lot.

I’m already off to a pretty good start – 1 short play done and 3 in progress, 1 screenplay in treatment, 1 website being updated, 2 blog posts, including this one, and a few projects waiting patiently for their time in the spotlight.

The only schedule I have is this blog. Aiming for two a week, each with a different focus – Tuesday about this endeavour and/or freelance related, and Thursday a story … because that’s the business I’m in. It will likely take a few weeks to get into that routine, but that is the goal.

Otherwise, the projects will dictate their own time, and I am happy to give them as much as they need.

Okay, off to work I go, although this time it feels more exciting than ever!