“Words can make us fly.” – Jenny Gates

Jenny has been telling stories for as long as she can remember, and is now exploring different avenues to connect with a wider audience.

All her current pursuits involve words and stories. As a speaker, she engages in conversations that entertain, motivate and inspire. As a writer, she uses a variety of vehicles to connect with others. As a book editor, she helps authors tell their best story possible. And as a musician, she shares anecdotes and stories with audiences of all ages.

As a storyteller, Jenny particularly enjoys exploring the world of ordinary things, and is immersed in the local theatre and storytelling communities.

To engage a compelling and animated storyteller for your next event, contact Jenny today.

signature stories

Jenny’s stories are drawn from her personal and professional experiences in Australia and Canada.

Her key signature story retraces her creative journey, with all its ups and down, twists and turns, and pitfalls and discoveries. It extends from her earliest memory to the present day, and examines the distractions en route and her continuing struggle to believe in herself.

Other stories focus on specific adventures and challenges throughout her life, as well as chance encounters, near disasters, extraordinary people, and unexpected successes.

folk tales

Jenny shares her Australian culture through a variety of tales, lore and stories that feature wondrous characters, real and imagined, and iconic settings in the Aussie bush and beyond. She also regales audiences with tales by renowned authors that paint extraordinary pictures of life in the land down under.


Jenny has been telling stories through her music and writing since age 10, and uses a variety of vehicles to connect with audiences. She has successfully competed in more than 40 speech contests in North America, and continues to hone her impromptu and prepared storytelling skills. Her Australian heritage features prominently in all her stories, and her strong accent connects her to audiences of all ages.

According to Wonderscape Wellness Retreat facilitator Tricia Reed, “When I invited Jenny to tell stories at Wonderscape I wasn’t sure what I wanted her to talk about. Thankfully, Jenny seemed to know intuitively what her audience needed and delivered an inspiring performance.”

Previously, Jenny has told stories to Scouts Canada, community groups, a number of Manitoba schools, and at local festivals and events.

beyond words

Building bridges within and with each other is both a philosophy that underlies Jenny’s many pursuits, and her commitment to giving back to the community. Staying connected to and being part of our community involves reaching out and supporting those who could use our help.

In addition to storytelling festivals and events, Jenny welcomes opportunities to connect with community groups and activities, and charitable programs. As well, a percentage of the fee paid to Jenny will be donated to a local endeavour or charitable organisation chosen by event participants, or Jenny will suggest some near and dear to her heart.

The donation will either be financial or the equivalent in required items.

Contact Jenny for more information.

A brilliant storyteller.

Joanne McDowall

ASAP Toastmasters

After the opening lines of Jenny’s story, the listeners were completely engaged. She told of her childhood in Australia, several truly life-changing experiences, and how she finally landed up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She also shared candidly about her creative journey and its ups and downs. The images she painted with her words elicited laughter, empathy, and our own self-reflection. I highly recommend her.

Tricia Friesen Reed

Event Coordinator, Wonderscape