My most enjoyable speeches are inspirational and motivational, have a sense of humour, and explore everyday activities and events – delivering the newspaper, becoming a Canadian citizen, my brother Bill (think about it ...), chocolate, weddings, life’s challenges, and extraordinary moments in life.

© Jenny Gates, July 2003

I am an associate member of the Canadian Association of Public Speaking (CAPS) and a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) with Toastmasters International. I have appeared on several radio and television shows, either as a co-host or guest, and am comfortable speaking to any size audience. Speeches, presentations, workshops and seminars can be created and customised as necessary. I officially launched having said that ... in 2003.

style – easy going, plain language, relaxed, humorous, professional, entertaining

topics – procrastination and time management, public speaking, writing, editing, secrets of freelance life, self employmen, life stories, self-marketing, lifestyle, positive thinking, media relations

experience – keynotes, workshops, media, motivational, inspirational, training and facilitation, musical, impromptu

what you will get from me – professional and entertaining presentation of the facts, opportunities for audience participation, relaxed and casual speaking style supplemented by relevant and detailed information, personal stories that will move and motivate you and inspire you to see your lives and your work in a new or different light

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