I've written a book.
Now what?

Congratulations! Now, let’s take a look at your next step. Basically, you have three choices:
  • put the manuscript on the shelf and leave it there – which would be a shame after all your work. I believe if it’s important enough for you to write, it’s important enough for someone to read. And for that to happen, you need to publish it, one way or another.

  • look for a publisher to publish your book for you – you will need to identify publishers who are interested in the type of book you’ve written, and who are accepting submissions for consideration. You will have to send them query letters to gauge their interest and then wait for a response. I can definitely give you some advice in that area, but I do not pursue publishers on your behalf.

  • self publish – it’s a lot more straightforward than you might think, but there are a few things you need to know. Which is where I come in!

    If you choose to find a publisher or to self publish, it’s a really good idea to have it edited. Not everyone gets their work edited before they publish, but it is certainly recommended.

    Before I can take on your book, we need to talk (words@jennygates.com, +1-204-228-9959)
    so I can let you know if it is something I can do, figure out what you need, set a timeline, and estimate a price.

    I will need to know:
    • what it’s about
    • how long it is
    • when you want me to start and when you need it back
    • what you want me to do (evaluate, edit, provide publishing assistance)

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