The piano came when I was five, a gift from a great-aunt who was a brilliant player but couldn’t read a single note of music. After a shaky start with chopsticks, I embarked down the classical road. That all changed when, at age 12, I seriously injured my right hand. They said I would never play piano again. They were wrong!

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I focus on Aussie music for children and adults, including original material. In addition to performing in several bands at weddings and private functions, I have worked regularly as a solo artist, singing and playing a variety of music.

Since 1997 I have worked with Gerrry Gordon (digeridoo player) in the Aussie music duo Up From Down Under in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba.

style – piano bar music, children's music, folk, popular, middle of the road, classical

children's performer – vocalist, keyboardist and guitarist in Up From Down Under, a duo specialising in Aussie music

performance venues and experience – more than 25 years' experience playing at weddings and private functions; resident pianist for 2 years at the Novotel Hotel in Sydney, Australia; Folklorama Festival (1997, 2000, 2001, 2004), Swan River Folk Fest (2002), Gathering of Nations (since 2001); Manitoba Children's Museum; Winnipeg schools

production experience – entertainment coordinator of the Australia/New Zealand Folklorama Pavilions (1997, 2000, 2001)

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