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To change the world one word at a time.


  • give audiences something to laugh about, something to cry about, and something to take with them when they leave
  • find the magic in the manuscript and mould it into a masterpiece
  • create fictional and non-fictional characters that entertain, engage, educate, excite, enthrall and endear themselves to – and stay with – readers and audiences long after they meet them

what others are saying

“Jenny stands as a role model of professionalism, commitment, and creativity in moving ourselves forward on whatever roads our dreams take us.”
Lynne Williams

“Jenny constantly looks for ways to improve her business or other potential opportunities that she can capitalize on; she is truly an entrepreneur at heart.”
Rick Battistoni

“What I became aware of while working with Jenny on a variety of projects is her commitment, attention to detail, enthusiasm, and the ability to juggle several projects at the same time and still remain up beat.”
Dan Rosin

“Jenny is both a focused thinker and a woman of considerable action. She surprises you with her depth and commitment to self-development and professional improvement, and in more than one area.”
Brian Hydesmith

“We love you, Auntie Jen!”
Matt, Sam, Anna, Nicci and Rohan Gates

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