Jenny works primarily with self-publishing authors to provide a variety of editing and associated services that take manuscripts from woe to go!

She can work on your manuscript at any stage and provide one or more types of edit, depending on your needs and your experience as a writer.

Jenny deals with both fiction and non-fiction.


“The Priesthood of Science" by William Leiss, May 2008. The Herasaga #2. Paperback, ISBN 9780776606774.
In the second of this utopian fiction series, Hera and her sisters are sealed off from the rest of the world in their private enclave at Yucca Mountain in southern Nevada. In a series of dialogues, Hera and Gaia debate the changing relationship between science and society, and the issue of nihilism in religion and science that threatens to ruin Hera’s new beginning for human society.

“Hera, or Empathy” by William Leiss, February 2006. The Herasaga #1. Paperback, ISBN: 0973828307.

In the first of this utopian fiction series, Hera is one of twelve sisters genetically modified by their neuroscientist parents to have superior mental faculties. After challenging her father’s right to have engineered his children, Hera discovers that the sisters’ genes contain modifications their parents didn't intend.
“Two Mile Road” by Steve Locke, June 2007.
Softcover, ISBN: 978-0-9782852-0-4

As modern-day society gets more complicated the more no one tries to understand it, Rob eventually returns to the road he started out on with a sense of who he is, and the man he will become.


“Breaking News! Kids Opinions Count” by MAKS, March 2004.
Young adult softcover, ISBN: 0973249285.

Three novels in one volume: Diamond in the Ruff, Playing with Fire, and Stupid Cupid. Share the adventures of Kim and Scott Campbell and their friends as they discover that every action has a reaction.




“Tucker’s Tips” by Tyler White, 2012. Paperback, ISBN: 9780987807700.

Tips on living with people, from one dog to another.




“Winnie the Bear” by M.A. Appleby, 2011. Hard cover, ISBN: 9780987821201.

A moving biography of the life of Winnie the bear, from her adoption in 1914 by Lieutenant Harry Colebourn, to her inspirational role in the creation of one of the most-loved characters in literature. This book won a Gold Medal for Canadian West Non-Fiction in the 2012 Independent Book Publishers Awards.


“What my clients taught me about Communication and Relationships and other stuff while they were in therapy with me!" by Dan Rosin, December 2008. Paperback, ISBN: 9780973004915.

This companion book to “I can have fun on a school night!” is about real people with real problems, and offers options for dealing successfully with everyday issues.


“I Can Have Fun on a School Night” by Dan Rosin, March 2002.
Trade paperback, ISBN: 0973004908.

Discover, perceive and see the world differently, and strike the balance in life that everyone else is seeking to find.



“A Prairie Pilgrim: Wilhelm H. Falk" by  Mary Neufeld, October 2008.  Paperback, ISBN: 9780981124308.

The remarkable life of Wilhelm H. Falk, a father, husband, brother, son and farmer who was the founder and first bishop of a rural Mennonite Gemeinde.



“Crushed Ice: In Pursuit of a Canadian Professional Hockey League" by Bud Ulrich, November 2007. Paperback, ISBN: 9780978482305.

The true story of a remarkable venture that sought to maintain hockey as “the most universally popular game in Canada”.



“Many Values Many Voices – The Who, What, Where, When Process for Church Building Projects” by Michael Boreskie, 2007.
Two binders, CD and DVD.

A complete and comprehensive guide through every step and process involved in church building projects.



“Naturescape Manitoba: All You Need is a Little Space” by Manitoba Naturalists Society, November 2006 (as contributing editor).
Paperback, ISBN: 0969728026.

Discover how to create a nature-friendly space in your yard or garden.



“You Live There Once: A Memoir” by Rita Baxter, October 2005.
Trade paperback, ISBN: 1550991442.

A heartwarming book that weaves a passionate account of a life celebrating courage and unstinting love.



“Just a Matter of Time” by Karen Emilson, September 2005.
Paperback, ISBN: 0968124224.

A frank and honest portrayal of the lives and operations of cattle men and women during the mad cow crisis of 2003, and their steadfast belief in the beef industry in Canada.



“Moving Made Easy: The Winnipegger’s Guide to Downsizing” by Penni-Rae Ozuk, 2003. Spiral bound, ISBN: 0973349808.

A step-by-step guide that walks you through your downsizing and moving journey one step at a time.



“Life’s Challenges: A Man for Others” by Joseph Stangl, May 2002
(as format editor/layout). Hardcover, ISBN: 0973066105.

A personal story about making the most of life's challenges.



“I Chose Canada” by Serge Radchuk, April 2001.
Hardcover, ISBN: 0968829600.

One man's journey from humble beginnings to The Order of Canada.




qualifications and experience

  • Macleay College Diploma in Book Editing with Distinction
  • editor of scientific publications, The Australian Museum
    (7 years)
  • editor, writer, researcher, Intergroup Consultants, Winnipeg
    (2 years)
  • editor, The Ripple, quarterly newsletter for Manitoba Recreational Canoeing Association (5 years)
  • editor, New Visions Mosaic, magazine of the Teen Newcomers Club (2 years)
  • editor, The Bulletin, newsletter published 10 times a year for the Manitoba Naturalists Society (7 years)
  • editor, The Southern Yarn, monthly newsletter for the Down Under Club of Winnipeg (17 years)

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what others are saying

  • “Not only were you interested in the project as an editor, but to my delight the story captured your imagination and it became a truly collaborative effort to produce a well-honed book.” Mary Neufeld

  • “Thank you to Jenny Gates for your gifts and guidance in editing this hodge podge.” Dan Rosin

  • “Wordsmith and keen promoter, with thanks for brilliant editing.” Bill Leiss

  • “I’m so glad my stories got us together and so thankful you helped turn them into this book! To a terrific story editor. Give ’em H E double hockey sticks!” MAKS



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