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“You only have to be an expert in your own life to have something of value to share with others.” – Jenny Gates

Saying goodbye to good neighbours

Fourteen years ago, they moved onto our street. They came with friendly faces and two dogs - Tika and Mojo - and quickly became part of the scenery. We often caught up over coffee, a few times attended events together, and had many conversations about a whole bunch of...

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The problem with paper

I've always loved paper. Books over Kindle, yes, but also printing things off and writing things down on paper. I love writing on paper, particularly with a pencil, but as much as I love paper, sometimes it gets away from me. It piles up on the desk, the chair, the...

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A welcome visitor

This is the only non-grass plant in our yard. Mowing the lawn is on my list of worst things to do. I love the feel of grass under my feet, but I don't mow. Occasionally, however, it's a necessity or a kindness, and for both those reasons, I found myself mowing the...

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Small find leads to much happiness

Thank you, whoever you are, for accidentally leaving this SMÄCKER tray in your shopping cart at IKEA over the weekend. Of course, I presume it was an accident. I mean who, would want to leave such an excellent item alone in a cart. I waited to see if you came back,...

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