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“You only have to be an expert in your own life to have something of value to share with others.” – Jenny Gates

One heck of a souvenir

Jenny with Philippe, Maud and Gaby (Philippe Xavier Hairdressers) on November 16, 2017. Photo: Anna Farr. After 40 years of colouring my hair and 12 years of wearing it long and straight, I decided it was time for a change. And so in 2017, I stopped colouring my hair,...

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Taking the time to listen

Last Thursday, I was expecting to meet a friend for coffee. It had been too long since we last caught up, and I was very much looking forward to our conversation. When he called to say there had been a change of circumstance at his end of the equation, I immediately...

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When speeches do not go to plan

People have been calling British Prime Minister Theresa May's most recent speech a disaster of epic proportions. According to one report, "Ms May needed a strong speech to help fight off rivals to her job, including ambitious Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. But...

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Making movie magic

The first item on my to do list today was SLEEP, and sleep I did until shortly before lunch. Getting home at 4:33 in the morning will do that to a person who is normally in la-la land by 9:30 at night. But I have an excellent reason for my pre-dawn date with...

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One blog or two?

Since June 2009, I have been writing a blog called words at random. That started when a friend suggested it as an online vehicle for my writing. Despite a few hiccups and time outs, it has been a fun and quirky way to share my thoughts, concerns, ideas and stories. At...

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