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“You only have to be an expert in your own life to have something of value to share with others.” – Jenny Gates

Respect and trust in the editing process

As an independent substantive and developmental editor, I have been very lucky to work with many wonderful authors whose stories are amazing, and with whom I have developed strong friendships. Being part of their journey from manuscript to published book – or from woe...

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Clavius Dell Andronicus

In many ways, computers do make our lives easier, but some days it’s hard for me to actually believe that. Take my computer, for example. For the past four years, it’s been no trouble at all. I’ve been able to churn out lots of speeches, articles, stories, blog posts,...

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A Playwright Am I

A few weeks ago, I applied to be one of six playwrights for the new Emerging Playwrights Unit at Prairie Theatre Exchange (PTE) here in Winnipeg. Today I learned I had not been successful, at least not in the way you might think. I wrote my first play – a short called...

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Why I love Track Changes mode

I first used computers in my job at the Australian Museum in Sydney. Back then, we used Corel's WordPerfect as our program of choice, and I fell in love with, among other things, its wonderfully revealing Reveal Codes option. I still use that program on a daily basis,...

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Building bridges in Saskatoon

Attending the 2018 Editors Canada Conference in Saskatoon as a presenter is both exciting and somewhat familiar. At their 2001 conference in Ottawa, I delivered a presentation on personal and professional maintenance for freelance editors. It was very well received...

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