My first audition was incredible. I was reading the part of a freelance writer who had recently moved to the city – how apropos. When I was called back for a second read, I said out loud: “How hard can this acting thing be?!” Well, looks like I am finally about to find out.

© Jenny Gates, August 2002

As a fledgling actor, my motto – "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" – has landed me some great opportunities to explore my talent. My prime focus is criminal (at least from a celluloid perspective), but I am open to most opportunities that arise.

interests – law and order, forensic drama, criminal law, courtroom drama, dramatic series

experience – television commercial for Manitoba Bison Association, heckler in stage play 'Journey to Freedom', radio commercials for J.J.H. McLean keyboards and pianos, television and radio promotional and informational appearances

background – Introduction to Acting, Frank Adamson (Skywest Productions); Adult Acting 1, Jey Thibedeau Silver (Prairie Theatre Exchange); Adult Advanced Intensive, Rebecca Gibson (Winnipeg Film Group); life (the best training possible)

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